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94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 150/146/A Single-Shot Injectors, Tow (Mild Street)

94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 150/146/A Single-Shot Injectors, Tow (Mild Street)



This product has an 8-10 business day build time before shipping.


Set of 8 injectors. 5 year/200,000 mile warranty!

The 150/146 inj, commonly called the 'Baby Swamps', is one of our most popular injectors for the 1994-1997 Powerstroke owner. Without a chip (or programmer), these injectors will retain the factory fuel rate (of 73mm^3~ cubic millimeters of fuel), resulting in a smooth running, "stock" truck. With the addition of a chip (or programmer), rear wheel horsepower gains of over 100hp are readily attainable. This injector, though our smallest, is by no means timid. Many of our customers, (with hot chips), have dynoed in excess of 340 rear wheel horsepower; which brings this era of engine equal to or above the horsepower of a newer Superduty. Downpipe upgrades are highly recommended.  Chip &/or programming changes are not required, but custom programming is available for maximum performance.

All Prices (except Baby Swamps) Include Brand New Nozzle Assemblies and Internal and External O-rings. Baby Swamps come with reconditioned nozzles and new O-rings.

Notes: First 3 digits of model number is maximum flow rate, second 3 digits are nozzle size. Our "30%" nozzles will flow 30% more fuel than the same injector with a stock "146" nozzle; our "200%" nozzle would flow 200% more fuel in the same amount of time, etc... An "S" before the first 3 numbers indicates a Split-Shot injector. A stock single-shot injector would be 98/146, a stock split-shot S/135/146. Price does not include shipping.

HPOP = High Pressure Oil Pump, IDM = Injector Driver Module, MM^3 = Cubic millimeters of fuel per injector. Many injector flow benches measure the total fuel volume from 500 or 1000 injector shots. Multiply the MM^3 by 500 or 1000 to convert to CC's flow per 500 or 1000 shots. i.e., 160 MM^3 x 1000 = 160 CC's per 1000 count test, or 80 CC's per 500 count test.

$900 Refundable Core Charge Applies. Customer is responsible for core return freight. Please call for core return address before shipping back your core injectors.

Swamp's Motorsports Performance defines CORE INJECTORS as those injectors which were most recently installed into your vehicle's engine. Injectors returned to us, which are out of a salvage yard, injectors which have been burned, or externally damaged, will NOT be suitable as cores. Any injector which has previously been disassembled will NOT be a suitable core injector. If you have any questions these restrictions to your core injectors, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Please allow 2-3 business days before product ships, please call to check availability if you are in a hurry.

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