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94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Stealth Stock Replacement SRP1.1 HPOP

94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Stealth Stock Replacement SRP1.1 HPOP

Pumps are on backorder at this time with NO ETA.


Product discontinued


This pump is no longer made, and as far as we know, it will never be made again. We highly recommend this alternative:
Diesel Site Adrenaline HPOP



· 37% Increase in flow over stock.

· Equivalent to 1.4 stock pumps.

· Supports up to 300cc injectors.

· Bulletproof axial 7 piston pump design.

· Internals made with aerospace grade billet materials.

· Features integral IPR valve filter screen.

· Utilizes factory IPR valve.

· Billet rear pump cover.

· Spiral lock retaining ring for rear cover.

· Fully re-machined & modified stock pump housing.

· 3 High pressure output ports.

· 3800+ PSI capable.

· Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

· Manufactured in U.S.A.

 The Stealth SRP1 is the latest addition to Stealth's line of Powerstroke performance high pressure oil pump systems (HPOP). The SRP1 is encased entirely in the stock HPOP case and designed to be a direct replacement for the stock pump. The SRP1 has all new pistons and slipper feet that are much larger than the stock items allowing for an oil flow increase of up to 50% more! Most competitors stock case pumps add a 10% increase over stock with nothing more than a swash plate angle change. This pump is made with new wear part items, where other pumps just “check them for wear” and reuse these parts.


Another improvement the SRP1 features is increased thread surface area on the outlet fittings. Adding 100% thread surface area provides more thread holding power to prevent fitting “blowout” under high pressure. The inlet and outlet passages have also been ported for more flow and less cavitation. By comparison, the SRP1 provides the best performance at the best value.

The SRP1.1 was designed for those of you running just about any size "A-code" injector. We recommend this pump for trucks running up to your average stage II non-hybrid injector or stage III 300cc "A-code" hybrid injector. This pump utilizes the factory IPR valve and mounting gasket. Our pumps feature a IPR filter screen to prevent IPR valves from sticking and fouling. These pumps are an axial 7 piston pump design.  Our pistons are larger than stock and that is how we increase our displacement.  Stealth is the only HPOP company that is manufacturing larger pistons and new cylinder blocks. Some of our competitors are increasing displacement by adding swash plate angle.  SRP1.1 pump retain the stock 17 degree swashplate for ultimate reliability. We have engineered this pump with the highest grade materials available. These pumps are built to last. Our pumps are one of the most streetable and reliable pumps on the market. We feel that our new SRP1.1 pumps are so reliable that we are backing them with a industry first Limited Lifetime Warranty**.  Our warranty covers the entire pump unlike some competitors products that only cover non-moving parts.  These pumps will fit a 95' to 03' Ford Super Duty with no modifications what so ever. The SRP1.1 pumps are shipped with a new pump mounting gasket and new IPR valve o-rings.

We invite you to read the HPOP FACTS VS MYTHS click here!

Please read complete description!

Core Charge:You can pay a core charge and we will send out the pump first OR you can send your old pump in first and have no core charge.

- Your pump core is defined as your old pump, which is replaced by our SRP1. Your core must be shipped to us within 21 days from purchase date to avoid losing your refundable core charge. After 21 days we will charge a $25 late fee per day. This late fee will be deducted from your core charge amount once Pure Diesel Power receives your pump core. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Your pump core must triple bagged with the supplied bags to prevent leakage during the shipping process. Your pump core MUST be shipped with a properly filled out core return sheet.

- After we receive your old core: (1) we will check to ensure that the old pump is the correct year application to the SRP1 purchased, (2) then check for abnormal damages such as cracked housings, seized hydraulic pistons or seized cylinder blocks. We do not grade or issue partial credit of cores if it has been in a fire; has been disassembled and in not like for like (i.e. not in "as removed condition"). After we confirm normal wear/tear and if the core was not damaged when we received it so that it is 100% rebuildable, we will proceed to refund you 100% of your initial core charge.

- Please make sure when you ship the old core that it has sufficient insurance to cover any damage/loss during shipment.

- We reserve the right to deny a full core refund for late and/or damaged core returns. The refund amount, if any, will be determined at time of return.

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