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9145 (H10) Fog Lights Putco Metal White 3800K Bulbs Upgrade

9145 (H10) Fog Lights Putco Metal White 3800K Bulbs Upgrade



9145/H10 PUTCO
  • Putco H10 (9145) Xenon White bulb utilize ground breaking technology that allows higher light output in standard electrical environment. This series of Xenon bulbs are of High Color Temperature 3800K and up, and are filled with Xenon gas. The mixture of Xenon and Halogen gas in the high color temperature environment produces a very bright white light beam with a blue background (Xenon Blue) similar to the HID lighting. The ultimate result is a bright white light beam that is noticeably sharper and brighter than other light sources.
  • Traditional halogen bulbs operate at color temperature below 2800K. At this temperature, halogen gas emits as dull yellowish light. From 3600K and up, the halogen gas emits a light color approaching the bright white sun light on a hot summer day, but there is still a limit of brightness the halogen gas can provide. To achieve the HID look, we added Xenon gas and utilized a blue glass tube and burn it at the temperature of 8000K. The result is a bright white light beam with a blue background that can be seen from miles away, which closely resembles the HID light.
  • They use a high pressure charge of Xenon gas, which has excellent thermal efficiency, and using a blue color filter we are able to create a brighter and whiter bulb with out increasing the wattage.
  • The LUKS Metal White product has a true Kelvin Temperature rating of 4200K. (CATZ Aqua White is 4150K and CATZ Galaxy White is 4300K).
  • These Bulbs will fit the following applications with 9145 Bulbs (Check you Vehicle Manual):
  • 2004 – 2005 Ford F150-F250-F550
  • 2004-2005 Ford Freestar
  • 2005+ Ford Escape
  • 2005+ Ford Excursion
  • 2005+ Ford F250
  • 2005 Ford Freestyle
  • 2005+ Ford Mustang
  • 2004-2005 Mercury Monterey
  • 2005+ Mercury Mariner
  • 2004-2005 Nissan Sentra
  • Easy Installation. Plug and Play.
All warranty claims need to be handled between the customer and manfacturer.

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