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84-97 Ford Sterling Axle Disc Brake Kit 10.25 Rear Axle

84-97 Ford Sterling Axle Disc Brake Kit 10.25 Rear Axle



*For Lower 48 U.S. States


Sterling 10.25 Axle Disc Brake Kit

The Ford Full Float SRW Sterling rear axle Disc Brake Complete Conversion Kit!

The Sterling is becoming a very popular conversion due to the strength, they are even a tad stronger than a GM 14 Bolt axle.

This kit will eliminate the drum brakes that weigh way too much and don't stop you nearly as well! 

The Sterling axle came in a large number Ford trucks in the 3/4 - 1 Ton range from the late 80's until the mid '90's so they are fairly easy to find. Changing from Drums brakes to disc brakes is easy, and all the parts you need to complete the conversion of your rear axle are included in this kit. In the end, you will have an axle that stops better and weighs 80lbs less, sounds like a win to me! Works on 84'-97' Axle only. 

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 1 Pair Ford Sterling Disc Brake Brackets
  • 2 Weld on Brake Line Tabs
  • 2 Brake Line Clips
  • 2 New Brake Calipers
  • 2 Hydraulic Hoses with 10mm Banjo Bolt Fittings
  • 4 New Brake Pads
  • 2 New Rotors

Rotor NAPA#4886799

*NOTE* Rotor slips over the hub 

*NOTE* 3-4 Day Lead Time!

*NOTE* Don't forget to re-bleed your brakes once you've installed your new conversion kit. 

*NOTE* A Proportioning Valve is recommended, this will allow you to fine-tune your front/rear stopping power bias. Your front axle should always do about 70% of the work. 

*NOTE* This kit will work on a 95-97 Ford with a Sterling rear axle. We have made these and used them successfully for 7 years now but something still eludes us. On some you will need to space the bracket from the mounting flange 1/8", it is not year specific, it is likely to be that they were made slightly different for 3/4 ton and 1 ton but we have not been able to identify which. 

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