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94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke BDP Over Boost Kit

When a programmer or chip is used on the Power Stroke, it will increase the boost pressure causing the computer to de-fuel in an effort to bring boost pressure back down. Sometimes it causes a check engine light but on some trucks it will de-fuel without a code. In several cases we have seen a power increase on the dyno simply by adding the over boost kit.

The computer will usually trip the over boost condition and give a code at 24psi and de-fuel the truck. This regulator goes in between the MAP sensor and intake to allow the MAP sensor to see only 22psi. The regulator is adjustable and easily installed.

Note: The regulator come pre-set at 22psi so turning the knob will change that setting. Read the instructions if adjustments are needed.

BDP Part Number: 220130

Part number: 7.3OBK

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