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Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Garrett 38R BDP Air Force Milled Compressor Wheel

The Beans Diesel Air Force 66mm Billet Compressor Wheel is a drop in replacement compressor wheel for 7.3 Power Stroke Garrett 38R ball bearing turbo's and our own Dominator 66 turbo's. 

This is not just a copy of the cast 38R Garrett wheel, this wheel is an all new design that is lighter and specific blade designs that increase air flow and boost levels. Back to back dyno testing on our in house Dyno Dynamics Dynomometer showed this wheel to pick up 20hp at the rear wheels over the stock cast 38r compressor wheel. The horsepower and torque curve was also broadened switching to this wheel, bringing in power sooner and carrying it longer through the RPM range.

We also offer this compressor wheel already installed on our Dominator 66 turbo's. 


  • Light Weight machined, forged billet design 
  • Drop in replacement, no machining required
  • Extended tip technology to increase top end air flow and over all boost levels
  • Reduced hub size to decrease rotational weight for quicker spool-up as well as adding more blade surface area for greater flow
  • Taller inducer blades to increase amount of air pulled into engine
  • 6x6 steeped blade design for eliminating turbo surge/stall and increasing efficiency 
Beans Diesel part number: BDP66CW

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