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94-97 Ford 7.3L OBS Powerstroke Atlas Complete EBPV Delete Kit

Backordered with No ETA  **Updated on 09/26/2023**

TP-38 Blank / Deleted Pedestal & Exhaust Housing FFD OBS EBPV Delete Kit.  

Exhaust Back Pressure Valve actuator rod leaking? Can't get the seals from Ford Motor Company? Don't want to pay the same price for a Re-manufactured Pedestal just for this to happen again in a few years. Why not fix this issue permanently with a high-quality drop-in replacement non EBPV pedestal and turbine outlet? This is the most common use of the Non-EBPV pedestal, just eliminate the EBPV all together.

Old Part number: ffdEBPVDLTOBS

Atlas: 228-1004

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