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99.5-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Atlas Bellowed Up Pipes

New 7.3 up pipes are an effective permanent upgrade to completely cure the factory up pipe gasket leaks. Symptoms of leaking up pipes are a ticking noise coming through the firewall, loss of power, and excessive black smoke. The best part of the bellowed up pipes is the expandable section molded into the system for heat contraction. This solves the factory problem of separation and leaking from the factory compression ring.

When the factory OEM pipes are disturbed (moved) the time aged hardened gaskets loose the seal and start leaking. This leak becomes larger over time and can result in substantial power losses. When the engine air that drives the turbo is lost, the turbo efficiency and boost pressure drop off substantially. If they turbo isn't driven with the proper flow it can't produce power producing boost. The permanent fix is the bellowed portion of the up pipe kit. The factory gasket is eliminated and to compensate for the expansion of the pipe through the heating cycle, the bellows can infinitely contract and expand. This expansion maintains the new permanent seal and you don't have to worry with this leak ever again.

All gaskets, bolts and hardware are included.

Please note, these up-pipes WILL NOT fit on an early 99 truck. If you're not sure if you have an early 99 truck, please call us with your VIN number and we can verify for you. 

Old Part Number: FFD228

Atlas: 210-3548

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