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99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Driven Diesel Overboost Annihilator

The computer in your 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel will turn on the "Service Engine Soon" light at about 24psi of boost (some calibrations may come on at lower pressures) pressure easily attained by todays high performance chips, tuners and modules. At the same time, the computer will reduce fueling (power) in an effort to bring the boost pressure down. This reduced power mode will remain in effect until the PCM sees enough continuous operation without the fault (usually a few minutes of driving), the ignition is cycled or the code that tripped the SES light is cleared electronically. 

Our easy to install "Overboost Annihilator" boost fooler kit will prevent the computer from setting the SES light and defueling the engine FOR AN OVERBOOST CONDITION (the light may still light for other reasons) 
maintaining full power at ALL boost levels. This kit is pre-set to show your MAP sensor a maximum of 22-23psi.

Features of the Driven Diesel "Overboost" Kit:
•Completely Pre-Assembled and Pre-Set
•High Quality Adjustable Pressure Regulator
•Pre-Installed Mounting Bracket
•High Quality Parker Push-Lok Fittings and Hose
•100% Accurate MAP Readings (up to pre-set max pressure)
•100% Accurate Boost Gauge Readings (Mechanical Boost Gauges Only)

**Monitors that read boost from the MAP sensor will stop at the pre-set max of the Overboost Annihilator

Don't be fooled by competitors selling cheap electronic "do-dads". We've replaced a number of these due to their effect on low speed, low boost drivability. We don't mess with the electronics, the PCM and MAP Sensor maintain 100% normal connectivity with no electronic interference. Instead, we simply prevent the MAP sensor from seeing more boost than we want by means of a regulator...a mechanical solution to a mechanical problem.

Please be aware that installation of this device DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will no longer get an SES light at about 24psi of boost. We get called all the time by customers that install this product and then still get an SES light. There are a number of common causes for SES lights in "chipped" trucks, PLEASE SCAN YOUR TRUCK and make sure that you are purchasing this product to cure a P1249 or P0238 code BEFORE ordering. If you still get an SES light after installing this product, please CLEAR YOUR CODES, DRIVE THE TRUCK TO GENERATE A NEW SES LIGHT AND READ THE CODES AGAIN. You are only having an Overboost issue if you are STILL getting a P1249 or P0238 code. It is very common for P1211 "Injection Pressure" codes to happen under heavy throttle about the same time the truck is making it to 24psi of boost; making it seem like an overboost issue.

WARNING: This device is designed to allow boost pressures in excess of those considered "safe" by Ford Motor Company. Operating a stock Ford turbocharger at higher than recommended boost levels can reduce it's service life. Use at own risk.

94-97 POWERSTROKE OWNERS - We have sold a few of these to owners of 94-97 trucks, but as a general rule the earlier trucks don't seem to need it as frequently as the 99-03 trucks. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND having your truck scanned to verify that you actually have "OVERBOOST" codes before ordering this kit for a 94-97 truck as there are other codes that trigger the SES light that this kit won't fix. BE AWARE...THIS OVERBOOST KIT WAS NOT DESIGNED AS A DIRECT BOLT-ON FOR A 94-97 TRUCK, SOME MODIFICATION OF THE KIT MAY BE REQUIRED TO INSTALL IN A 94-97 TRUCK.

Part Number: DD-73L-OBA

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