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94-07 Ford 7.3/6.0L Powerstroke Exhaust Backpressure Sensor Eliminator Stage II

  • OBDII codes are detected and logged during a diagnostics scan of specific sensors by the PCM at start, when the Exhaust Pressure Control Valve (EPCV) is showing High/Low pressure.
  • Eliminates P047X Codes related to Exhaust Back Pressure!
  • Reccomended for all polution controlled vehicles (Powerstroke 1994-2007 7.3L and 6.0L)!
  • This can be due to tube connected to the sensor being full of dry soot, or due to bad sensor.
  • Note: The EBPSE-2 Eliminator will only stop the Valve from closing in case of malfunction of the EBP Sensor or an over-boost condition on the exhaust side. The valve will close when the climate is cold as that is controlled by the Temp sensor. To completely eliminate the valve the EBVT terminator is also required.
  • Easy to install.

DFuser Part number: EBPSES2

Lame California Prop 65 Notice