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94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Replacement Turbo Intake Boot

If you're looking for a replacement for discontinued part number 1820102C2 for your Powerstroke, we've got you covered. This Silicone 45 Degree Reducing Elbow is designed specifically to replace your turbo-to-breather silicone hose. This solution is a less expensive and better quality fix than Ford's kit that replaces the original hose and breather housing with lower quality parts, including a plastic breather housing instead of the original aluminum housing. This elbow features a 3-3/8" ID on one end and a 3" ID on the other end, can withstand continuous 350º temperatures, and is thicker than your stock elbow.  To account for the added thickness two premium US-Made T-Bolt clamps are included with the elbow.

(This part does not fit the 7.3L Ford Van.)

Part number: IH-R45B-300-338PSDK

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