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99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke AVP Fuel Bowl Overhaul Kit

The kit includes a new Motorcraft Fuel Drain Valve Assembly and all of the O-Rings and hard parts to rebuild the fuel pressure housing & fuel bowl.

The AVP Fuel Bowl Overhaul Kit is an easy 30 minute install and will increase your fuel pressure back up to where it should be from the factory. The added fuel pressure will help keep the injectors from out flowing the stock fuel pump, meaning no air in the injectors, and an injector that will live much longer. Most trucks will actually quite down a little at idle, rev up a lot quicker and with the added fuel pressure, a little quicker spool up on the turbo. The kit includes all of the O-Rings and hard parts to rebuild the fuel pressure/fuel bowl housing.

• Fuel Bowl Drain Valve Assembly (Genuine Ford Motorcraft)
• Fuel Bowl Drain Valve Mounting Bolts
• Aluminum Fuel Spring Housing Cap
• Fuel Spring Housing Mounting Bolts
• Fuel Poppet Valve Seat
• Fuel Poppet Blue Spring
• Brass Fuel Poppet Valve
• Fuel Poppet Guide
• Fuel Bowl Reseal Kit

Condition: New
Warranty - 12 Months, Unlimited Miles


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