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94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Driven Diesel Regulated Return Fuel System Kit

The Driven Diesel "OBS" Fuel Bowl Delete Regulated Return Kit is a significant upgrade for the 94-97 Powerstroke trucks. This kit eliminates the factory mechanical fuel pump and filter bowl assemblies from the engine valley, includes larger than stock fuel lines for improved fuel flow to the injectors and provides a high quality aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to properly manage fuel system pressure. For customers doing aftermarket high pressure oil pump systems, custom turbocharger systems or other high performance modifications, this kit also opens up a bunch of room in the engine valley. The use of this kit with an appropriate electric fuel pump (not included) and proper aftermarket fuel filtration will result in quicker starting and smoother engine operation. This kit will also support significantly more power upgrades, depending on the fuel pump and plumbing setup used.

NOTE: Installation of this kit eliminates the stock pump and engine valley filter. This kit does NOT include the required ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP or proper POST PUMP FILTER to complete the fuel system. We do have a post pump fuel filter kit for Automatic Transmission trucks, and we have an electric fuel pump conversion kit in the works.

The most commonly reported results from the installation of an Driven Diesel Regulated Return Kit are:

• Quicker Starting
• Quieter Engine Operation
• Improved Throttle Response
• Increased Power Output
• Increased Fuel Economy

Below are some of the key features of the Driven Diesel OBS Regulated Return Kits:

• Fits with Both Stock and Aftermarket Turbocharger Applications
• Compatible with both "Stealth" and "Terminator" Twin HPOP Setups
• High Quality FueLab Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator
• 3/8" CNC Bent S.S. Hard Line Used in High Temperature and Tight Radius Locations
• High Quality 3/8" S.S. Braided Teflon Hoses with CLEAR Protective Covering
• Stainless Steel Regulator Mounting Bracket
• Marshall Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
• All Kits Feed Front Ports (away from Turbo Heat) and Return from Rear Ports
• Complete Kit with All Necessary Parts and Detailed COLOR Instructions

Driven Diesel part number:  DD-73FS-OBS-RRK-V3
Superseded Driven Diesel part number:  DD-73FS-OBS-RRK-V2

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