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Gaskets, o-rings, seals, and install kits. From ATS, International, Ford Motor Company, and Alliant Power.

For Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 94-97, 99-03.

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: MS-1001127
 International part number 1824452C2 (2 small o-rings for screws)   International part number 1820784C2 (2 large o-rings, seals breather adapter cover to the valve cover) Includes Ford numbers:Small O-Ring: F4TZ-6769-ALarge O-Ring: F4TZ-6769-C ..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0004
Alliant Engine Oil Cooler O-Ring And Gasket Kit includes all required seals to install the oil cooler for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Part number: AP0004..

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: DFR-1002444
The leak at the dipstick flange is a well known issue with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine. The leak develops because the factory O-ring mounted inside the adapter swells over time due to exposure to oil. As the seal swells it actually deforms the inner piece of the adapter causing the outer nut to loose..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904-423
Dorman dipstick flange repair kit allows you to repair the leaking main o-ring without removing the oil pan. The repair kit is reusable and comes with enough o-rings to repair 5 vehicles; includes 5 dipstick flange o-rings, 5 dipstick o-rings and a special designed retaining hook that holds the flan..

Brand: Dipaco Part Number: DT730030
Direct replacement high pressure oil pump mounting gasket by Dtech.Part number: DT730030..

Brand: Dipaco Part Number: DT730024
Injection pressure regulator valve seal kit for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke by Dtech. This kit can be used to repair the IPR on 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Part number: DT730024..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: 4C3Z-9C977-AA
Genuine Ford replacement for damaged IPR seals for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Part number: 4C3Z-9C977-AA..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: GS33680
Oil cooler mounting kit by Mahle for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Includes oil cooler seals and oil cooler adapter to block gasketsPart number: GS33680..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: C32036
Mahle Thermostat Housing Gasket for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Part number: C32036..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: SS45897
OE Fitment and function valve stem seal kit by Mahle for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Detailed specificsOE Quality Maintains a Factory PerformanceApplication Notes:Contains 8 Fluoroelastomer constructionPositive typeTop hat styleFor 0.3125" stem, 0.562"/0.572" nominal guide O.D.&nb..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: C32631
Replacement water inlet gasket for 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke by Mahle. Part number: C32631..

Brand: Moroso Part Number: 27293
Until now there has not been an oil pan gasket for the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003 and International T444E engines, even from the factory the oil pans for these engines were installed with silicone sealant.Moroso Performance Products came out with this patent pending oil pan gasket that is re-use..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904-020
Dorman fuel bowl drain valve o-rings for 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Part number: 904-020..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 635-128
Direct fit replacement HPOP reservoir gasket for 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Part number: 635-128..

Brand: Dipaco Part Number: DT730025
Valve cover gasket for 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke by Dtech.Part number: DT730025..

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: DFR-1002039
This kit includes three new O-Rings required to fix the fuel leak typically found under your truck due to bad O-Rings. Ford ™ only offers the whole assembly for replacement. Now includes extra o-ring for the valve.Fits 94.5-03 F250 & F350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel trucks. These are not made by Ford, t..

Brand: International Part Number: 1815561C1/1815560C1
Turbo Pedestal O-ring Kit2 O-rings. Fixes that Pesky Oil Leak! Use when installing a new Compressor wheel or removing and installing Turbo housing. Buy TWO sets if you want to change the O-rings between the engine and pedestal and pedestal to turbo. International part numbers- 1815561C118..

Brand: International Part Number: 1843716C92
High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) O-Rings Set of 3 O-Rings.Fixes that Pesky Oil Leak! Easy to install. Made of Viton (A tough material that resists leaking and tearing). Built for exact fit.International part number: 1843716C92Replaces Ford part number 2C3Z-9G804-AB. Kit includes 3 o-rin..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: F81Z-9E436-AA
99.5-03 Ford 7.3L Turbo to Y Pipe O Ring Approx 3" O-Ring that fits between the turbo compressor housing and the Y pipe that connects to the intake plenum & the 2 intercooler pipes. Ford part number: F81Z-9E436-AA Image for representation only...

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: F81Z-9C387-BA
O-Ring Seals for all the OEM Fuel lines to the fuel bowl and the fuel lines connecting to the heads. For 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke Only.If your removing your fuel bowl to install a new high pressure oil pump, you may want to replace these seals to prevent leakage after re-install. If you have an af..

Brand: International Part Number: 1825163Cx
High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) Mounting Gasket Factory Replacement from International Fits Ford/International 7.3L Diesel high pressure oil pump from 1994 to 2003 International part number: 96-03 1825163C2                                       94-95 1818357C1  Replaces Ford part number S6TV9417..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 615-201
Features & Benefits Prevent leaks from forming between the valve cover and the engine cylinder head with Dorman’s Engine Valve Cover Gasket. The gasket is constructed from high- quality materials for durability against extreme under hood temperatures. A long-lasting, airtight seal is ensured. T..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: F81Z-7B602- AA
Ford ZF6 Transmission Clutch Fork Anchor Stud. Ford Motor Company part number: F81Z-7B602- AA..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: 2x F4TZ-6K854-C
1994-2003 7.3L Powerstroke Up-Pipe Donut gasket pair. International part number: 1816103C1 Ford OE part number: F4TZ-6K854-C (F4TZ6K854C)..

99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke OEM Valve Cover Gasket
Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: F81Z6584AA
Backordered with No ETA  **Updated on 11/22/2022**99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Valve Cover Gasket- OneBy InternationalTwo are needed per engine. This Ford number crosses to:Alliant Power: AP0014International: 1826703C1..

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: DFR-1002105
Replacement Viton turbo pedestal kit Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Includes 2 upper and 2 lower o-rings. Part number: DFR-1002105..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0014
Alliant Valve Cover Gasket Kit, package of two. OEM Part number: F81Z6584AA Use with Internal Injector Harness AP63413. Alliant Part number: AP0014..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: GS33656
Use this mounting gasket kit when installing a turbocharger on your 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Meets or exceeds OE specifications..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0001
Alliant Power Brand New 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Injector O-ring kit. Comes with enough o-rings for a single injector. Alliant Power is the direct source for FORD, these are OEM Quality. Allinat Power part number: AP0001..

Brand: Mahle Part Number: HS54204A
Complete Mahle Head Gasket Set for 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke.Valve Cover Set not IncludedCylinder Head Gasket Material: Nitro sealWithout Cylinder Head BoltsExhaust Manifold Gasket Material: Nitro sealFuel Injection O-Rings Not Included Malhe part number: HS54204A..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0003
Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valve Seal Kit OEM Part numbers: F6TZ9C977AN, 1825806C91 Application: 94-03 Ford F-Series, E-Series & Excursion Alliant part number: AP0003..

Brand: International Part Number: 1831658C91
Turbo Re-Install Kit Complete Kit with Bolts, Brackets and O-rings. Fixes that Pesky Oil Leak! Use when installing a new Compressor wheel or removing and installing Turbo housing. Ford part number: F81Z6N653BAInternational Part number: 1831658C91..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904-206
Fuel Injector o-ring seal kit services 2 injectors. OE Part #: XC3A-9229-AB, XC3Z 9229-AB Dorman part number:904-206  ..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904-225
1994-03 7.3L POWERSTROKE OIL COOLER REPAIR KIT INCLUDESNew Oil Cooler New Oil Cooler O-Rings New Oil Cooler End Gaskets  OE #: F4TZ 6A636-A, F7TZ 6A636-AAA, 1C3Z 6C610-BA, 1C3Z 6K649-BA, 1C3Z 6A642-AA Dorman Part number: 904-225..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: 73OCGKIT
All OEM Ford gaskets and seals needed to repair your oil cooler. (Does NOT include new oil cooler) Ford part numbers:F4TZ 6A636-A F7TZ 6A636-AAA 1C3Z 6C610-BA (x2) 1C3Z 6K649-BA (x2) ..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: F4TZ6701A
For 1994 to 2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesels. Rear main or crankshaft seal. Ford part number: F4TZ6701A (F4TZ-6701-A)..

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: DFR-1002102
Replacement Viton O-ring for Ford 7.3L Powerstroke turbo to intake. Part number: DFR-1002102..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0013
Alliant Valve Cover Gasket Kit OEM Part number: F4TZ6584A Use with Internal Injector Harness AP63414. Package of two. Application: 94-97 Ford F-Series & E-Series Alliant Part number: AP0013..

Brand: International Part Number: 1825806c92
Complete Set of O-Rings, Washer, and Nut. Leaking or damaged Injection Pressure Regulator seals can cause poor idle, stalling and no-start problems. Replacing the IPR Valve may be unnecessary (and expensive!) in most cases. Help recondition your IPR back to life. IPR is available as a complete kit ..

Brand: International Part Number: 1822120C1
#2 IN THE PICTURE Replaces Ford part F4TZ-6N640-B International part number:  1822120C1..

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: ICP ORING
ICP/High Pressure Crossover O-RingsDid you install HX (High Pressure Crossover) line? Is it leaking? Did you remove your ICP or does it leak? Made for exact fit. Made of Veton (A tough material that resists leaking and tearing). Built for exact fit...

Brand: International Part Number: 1815980C1
O-RING USED IN VARIOUS SPOTS ON THE 7.3 replaces Ford part number F4TZ6674A.This is for (1) o-ring only. International part #:1815980C1..

Brand: Ford Motorcraft Part Number: E7TZ-7086-A
Gasket between transfer case and transmission, Ford part number E7TZ-7086-A. (E7TZ7086A)..