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94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Fleetguard LF9027 Venturi Oil Filter

Cummins Filtration® utilizes a comprehensive battery of laboratory and real world product development tests for its Fleetguard®
filters. The Venturi™ product line was established using this approach. The following graphs represent typical performance for
the Venturi products. While the various filter part numbers may be of different size, the ratio of full-flow to by-pass filtration has
been optimized for the particular engine applications
The basic performance premise behind the Venturi Lube Oil Filters is centered around the fact that engine oil contaminants are
comprised of both organic (carbon-containing compounds) and inorganic (dust, wear metals, etc.) materials. Engines generate
combustion by-products and contaminate the engine oil at different rates throughout the typical oil drain interval. The normal
used oil filter will end up with approximately 80% organic and 20% inorganic make-up of the contaminants trapped in the filter.
Managing these two contaminant types is what makes the Fleetguard Venturi Oil Filters unique and able to support the maximum
achievable engine oil drain intervals. Laboratory test results, with test dust, do not tell the whole story about the performance of
an optimized oil filter.

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