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1994-1997 Power Stroke Catalytic Converter Stainless Delete Pipe

For those customers that use their truck in off road events we also have a 409 stainless steel catalytic converter delete pipe. It slips in place of the original equipment converter and installs onto the Diamond Eye down pipe.

3 Inch Ball Joint on Downpipe End, 3.5 Outlet on tail-pipe end.


The Diamond Eye converter delete pipe is designed to replace the original equipment catalytic converter. The replacement converter delete pipe is designed for racing purposes and is intended for off road use only and in areas where fire safety allows the removal of a factory emissions device for fire prevention. Check your local and State laws to be sure. The Diamond Eye delete pipe slips into the factory system after the removal of the converter bolts on to the lower half of the Diamond Eye down pipe. Diamond Eye recommends that you completely install the down pipe to the factory converter and then perform the installation of the delete pipe while the down pipe is still bolted in place. This makes the installation process much easier and guarantees the alignment of all three sections to be correct. 



*NOTE: We can NO longer ship this part to California, sorry for any inconvenience


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