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1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke Three Inch Aluminized Down Pipe

The aluminized steel Diamond Eye down pipe for the 1994-1998 Ford Power Stroke is designed to eliminate the installation issues that have been associated with down pipes on first generation Power Strokes. The Diamond Eye two piece down pipe is manufactured to fit a large percentage of trucks without having to make any major modifications to the truck. Some down pipes that are available actually ask you to use a Porta Power the bend the floor to make enough clearance for their pipes to fit.
Not Diamond Eye! The only modification that might be necessary is to bend the lip of the pinch weld where the floor and the firewall are spot welded together. This area is about three inches wide and if necessary will only need to be bent upward approximately one half of an inch. Whether your truck will need the modification depends totally on how the truck was assembled at the factory. Was the cab set forward during manufacturing, or was the engine set to the rear in it’s mounts a slight amount are the determining factors.

Part Number: 122004

Sorry, we cannot ship this part to California addresses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to varying laws and regulations, most Diamond Eye exhaust systems & components cannot ship to California. Take a look at our product selection for alternatives from other manufacturers if you are in California. If you have any questions about other options, please give us a call or send us an e-mail, we'd be happy to help.

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