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7.3L Ford Powerstroke replacement SPEARCO intercooler upgrade

99.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke replacement SPEARCO intercooler upgrade

From Spearco Spearco




7.3L Ford Powerstroke replacement SPEARCO High Performance intercooler upgrade

We have measured an average intake air temperature drop of 336.8 degrees on a load dyno using aftermarket injectors.
At 37 PSI boost, we measured less than 1 PSI of pressure loss across the core.
Max EGT's on a SuperFlow load dyno pulling the motor to a stall, were 1312 degrees.
We have measured this intercooler at 76% peak efficiency under full load conditions with 484 degree inlet temps! Bar and plate core designed for rugged conditions and high boost levels.
The design is more efficient than tube and fin construction.
Computer modeled core design high effectiveness and low pressure drop.
Billet CNC machined inlet and outlet for strength, durability and long life.

One Year Warranty
Intercooler tested up to 200PSI!



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