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15-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke XDP OER Series Fuel Contamination Kit (Without CP4 Pump)

Fits: 2015-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

This Fuel Contamination Kit (W/O CP4 Pump) XD612 will help you get your 2015-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke back up on the road. The OE CP4 injection pump in the Super Duty trucks is know for a failure point in the fuel system.  As a result, debris from a CP4 failure contaminates the fuel injector lines, fuel rails, fuel injectors, and many other lines and hoses throughout the entire fuel system. To repair the failed pump and avoid the risk of contaminating the replacement parts, all the components mentioned must then be replaced. 

XDP: XD612

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