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Upgraded Parts

Upgraded parts such as head studs and more for the 2008 Ford 6.4L Powestroke Diesel.

From DieselSite DieselSite

PLEASE NOTE: Shut off Valves are included in this system. Coolant filters are not a new idea to the diesel engine world. They come in most OEM...


From Mean Green Mean Green

The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight...


From Mishimoto Mishimoto

Fits 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke F250/F350/F450/F550 & 08–10 Ford Excursion w/6.4L Powerstroke Direct fit for the 2008–2010 Ford...

From Mishimoto Mishimoto

Direct Fit Upper Support Bar to Reduce Flex Less Twisting in Radiator Support to Minimize Wear or Damage Aluminum Radiator Incorporates...


From Mishimoto Mishimoto

Direct Fit Upper Support Bar to Reduce Flex Less Twisting in Radiator Support to Minimize Wear or Damage Coolant Hoses Constructed of Five...


From Mishimoto Mishimoto

Features: Direct fit for the 6.4L Powerstroke Provides improved rigidity to minimize front end flex Less twisting in radiator support = less...


2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke ported intake manifold.   Ported to allow maximum airflow. Please see picture to aid with install of 7 mounting...


This is a factory replacement head with a higher nickel content than standard and pressed in valve seats to help withstand high pressures. You have an...

Power Stoke Products HD 6.4 Pushrod Deflection is caused by increased cylinder pressure, heavy spring pressure, high cam lift, or excessive rpm. Our heavy...


These are an upgrade from the stock OEM pistons that are prone to cracking. The bowl and center have been opened up and smoothed out compared to the...

RCD Performance 6.4 Powerstroke Chromoly Pushrod Set

By far one of the cheapest upgrades you can do to increase the reliability of your modified 6.4 Powerstroke.

With higher rpm's, higher boost level,s or higher backpressure levels, the factory pushrods can begin to flex and/or bend.

With a bent pushrod, valve lift can be limited, resulting in low compression, lost power, or even a miss.

Our pushrods are stock diameter, so no modification is required on the headgasket, but are strong enough to withstand any abuse you can throw at them. This makes them a true drop in upgrade that you can do yourself.

Our pushrods are enscribed with RCD Performance, so you know you've got the best product on the market, and cannot be duplicated.

RCD part number: RCD-6.4L CPR


RCD's Ported Intake Manifold is the ultimate addition to any build you may be doing.

We start by removing the bolts that pass down through the intake manifold, to stop the obvious interruption of flow, and then spend time cleaning up the runners.

This product produces,

  • Lower EGT's
  • Faster Turbocharger Spool Up
  • Reduced Smoke
  • Improved Pedal Response

This product includes all necessary components and hardware to complete installation.

RCD offers a $50.00 refund to anyone who returns their factory 6.4L Intake Manifold after purchasing theirs. Any damaged or cracked intake manifolds will not be accepted.

RCD part number: RCD-6.4 RPIM