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Upgraded parts such as head studs and more for the 2008 Ford 6.4L Powestroke Diesel.

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD371
Replace the rusty, damaged, or leaking oil pan in your 2003-2010 Ford 6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke with the XDP Engine Oil Pan XD371. Designed as a direct-fit replacement, the XDP Oil Pan features a durable steel construction that is coated black for aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Features:Inclu..

Part Number: TB-FF350SDC
We’ve engineered our hollow rubber springs to deliver a progressive spring rate. In other words, the more weight that pushes down on the rubber springs (weight from a snowplow or heavy aftermarket accessories – such as a steel bumper) the harder they work to prevent front-end sag.FF350SDC* replaces ..

Brand: Wagler Competition Products Part Number: CRF6.4
Maximize strength and reliability in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke engine build with the Wagler CRF6.4 Connecting Rod Set. Proudly made in the USA, Wagler Competition Products 6.4L Connecting Rods are forged by Trenton Forging in Trenton, Michigan with the forging made from 4340ACQ certified ..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD429
Restore charging system function in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke when you install the XDP HD Replacement Battery Cable Set XD429. Over time the factory battery cables can become damaged, corroded, or frayed, which can lead to electrical system issues that could leave you stranded. With the i..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD270
Replace the Oil Cooler in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke with the XDP 6.4L Oil Cooler XD270. Known as a common failure item, the oil cooler is prone to clogging from debris in the cooling system. When an oil cooler is plugged or blocked, your cooling system will lose efficiency. This can resul..

Brand: No Limit Fabrication Part Number: NLBS
Our high grade, low profile bump stop offers more durability and more travel, and fits 05-19 Ford Super duty. While not only improving reliability, you greatly improve the look of your truck underneath by getting rid of the yellow factory bumpstops.No Limit Part Number NLBS..

Brand: No Limit Fabrication Part Number: PTBLB35
Premium Traction Bars with full installation kit. Will fit all 2005-2021 Ford Super Duty pickups! This shipment will come in two boxes No limit Part number PTBLB35..

Brand: No Limit Fabrication Part Number: 64CAIBD5
This Cold Air Intake is built to handle the most amount of air volume in the business, utilizing the factory location. A drop-in replacement for the 6.4 Power Stroke and installs in under 30 minutes. Utilizing the AFE ProDryS 5.5 x 12 inch filter, you will not suck in the filter minder or set a..

Brand: Alliant Power Part Number: AP0041
The Alliant AP0041 Oil Cooler Installation Kit is a high quality complete gasket and o-ring kit for installing an engine oil cooler in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke.FEATURES:Oil Cooler Install KitSeals & Gaskets Only..

Brand: Ford Motor Company Part Number: AC3Z-8260-A
Technical Details:Genuine Ford Part AC3Z-8260-A / MOTORCRAFT KM-5058 Engineered by Ford specifically for your vehicle Ford quality construction Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company Manufacturer reference: AC3Z-8260-A Shipping Weight: 10 pounds Warrantied by Ford Motor Company TSB 11-6-6 • 6..
$89.75 $89.75

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 250-4203
 Cylinder Head Studs, 12-Point Head, 8740 Chromemoly, Black Oxide, Ford,6.4L, Diesel, Kit To overcome head gasket failure in truck and RV diesel engines, ARP offers extra heavy-duty head studs for GM, Dodge, and Ford applications.Studs made of proprietary ARP 2000 material in Santa Paul..
$573.48 $573.48

Brand: Zerostart Part Number: 3500069
Made by Phillips/Zerostart. Includes cord and heater.  Part number: 3500069..
$73.20 $73.20

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 150-2505
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke ARP harmonic balancer bolt kit. Optimized for enhanced reliability and increased strength. Each kit includes 8740 Pro Series balancer bolts that are rated at 200,000 psi tensile strength. ARP bolts are cold forged to ensure molecular integrity, heat treated prior to t..
$48.15 $48.15

Brand: Sinister Diesel Part Number: SD-COOLFIL-6.4-x
Diesel Coolant Filter System For Ford Powerstroke F-Series 2008-2010 6.4 Liter EngineAdd years of life to your Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 6.4L diesel engine with this Water Coolant Filter Bypass System. Removing contaminates such as casting sand and metal shavings (left over from the factory ca..
$165.00 $165.00

Brand: DieselSite Part Number: DS:4WD:4WD08
Is your 4WD ESOF (electric shift on the fly) not working? Chances are the hoses to your vacuum operated hubs are dry rotted or the steel fittings at the hubs are rusted and leaking. DIESELSITE 4WD ESOF hose kits will replace the fittings and rubber vacuum hoses. Made from Teflon lined, stainless st..

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1036610
For when days are short and the nights are cold, you want your engine to heat up quicker. When you are using a PTO, or constantly idling , these are the times, when you need an elevated idle. BD's High Idle kits are easy to install and in most cases adjustable.FEATURESEasy to installFaster engine wa..
$79.84 $79.84

Brand: MaxSpool Engineering Part Number: 6.4CPR
By far one of the cheapest upgrades you can do to increase the reliability of your modified 6.4 Powerstroke. With higher rpm's, higher boost level,s or higher backpressure levels, the factory pushrods can begin to flex and/or bend. With a bent pushrod, valve lift can be limited, resulting in low co..

Brand: Sinister Diesel Part Number: SD-CS-6.4-EGRD
We've designed our Sinister Diesel Complete Solution kits to solve one of the most common problems found on high performance diesel trucks. We provide you with everything you need to do complete the head stud installation and ensure your engine is strong enough to hold horsepower and torque above fa..
$2,379.00 $2,379.00

Brand: Bullet Proof Diesel Part Number: 90409000
Features:Works with the stock/OEM engine oil cooler. Does not require removal of the stock/OEM oil cooler. Fairly easy and fast to install. Perfect accessory for those that tow heavy. Improves engine oil filtration reliability. Great way to extend the life of a plugged or marginal stock/OEM..

Brand: Mishimoto Part Number: MMRAD-F2D-08V2
Features:Version 2 product design Direct fit for the 6.4L Powerstroke Incorporates co-molded aluminum/rubber mounting pegs to reduce the truck’s torque transfer to the radiator Incorporates internally strutted tubes in the top and bottom 8 rows for increased strength against high pressure and..

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 250-6301
ARP replacement rod bolts for 2003-2010 Powerstrokes. Made from ARP2000 material for high tensile strength.Rated in the 200,000 psi tensile range Ample clamping force prevents cylinder heads from lifting Threads rolled after heat treatment for optimum fatigue strength Centerless ground to ass..
$151.73 $151.73

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.4 RPIM
RCD's Ported Intake Manifold is the ultimate addition to any build you may be doing.We start by removing the bolts that pass down through the intake manifold, to stop the obvious interruption of flow, and then spend time cleaning up the runners.This product produces,Lower EGT's Faster Turbochar..

Brand: Diesel RX Part Number: DRX00542
-Includes ONE glow plug only. 8 needed to do the whole job. -Precise engineering, made in the USA -Glow plug reached high temperatures quickly -Fast start-up -Controls current draw for rapid heating of coil -Resists corrosion and vibration -Superior electrical insulation and high thermal condu..

Brand: DieselSite Part Number: CFIK64
PLEASE NOTE: Shut off Valves are included in this system. Coolant filters are not a new idea to the diesel engine world. They come in most OEM applications for medium duty and OTR tractor trailer rigs. The idea was somehow tossed aside for light duty applications, most likely due to cost. For our li..

Brand: Colt Cams Part Number: C.849.H
  The 6.0 and 6.4 Power Stroke engines are designed with heavy emissions controls in mind. This means that the camshafts aren't designed to take full advantage of the air flow the heads can produce. They are designed to reduce emissions by keeping some exhaust gas in the cylinders. This is one of t..
$749.00 $749.00

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.4 Lifter Set
6.4L Ford Powerstroke OEM Replacement Lifter Set.  2008-2010  Set of 16.RCD part number:  RCD-6.4 Lifter Set..

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.4L CPR
RCD Performance 6.4 Powerstroke Chromoly Pushrod SetBy far one of the cheapest upgrades you can do to increase the reliability of your modified 6.4 Powerstroke.With higher rpm's, higher boost level,s or higher backpressure levels, the factory pushrods can begin to flex and/or bend. With a bent pushr..

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1041481
UpPipe and Manifold kit for the 6.4L Ford Power Stroke replace the exhaust manifolds and turbocharger feed piping which are prone to burning out at the thin walled elbows due to high exhaust temperatures. BD exhaust manifolds have heavy walled elbow connections preventing burning out, plus, hold in..
$1,032.31 $1,032.31

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0/6.4 CABK
RCD PErformance in conjunction with ARP has manufactured the cure for twisting the crankshaft adapter on your 6.0L or 6.4L Power stroke.Throw away those shoddy torque to yield bolts and utilize these special shoulder bolts to keep your externally balanced flywheel/flex plate in sync with your rotati..

Brand: Rudy's Diesel Performance Part Number: RDP-64-MahleP
6.4L Powerstroke Mahle oversized pistons that are available in .10 over, .20 over, .30 over, ceramic coating, or bowl work to help control the heat that is produced from the restricted air flow. This is a great option so you do not have to go with the OEM over sized Pistons. Rudy's part number: 64-..

Brand: Absolute Performance Part Number: ABSO-CCVFITTING
Went with an aftermarket kit and are tired of the oil drip and fumes? This fitting fixes all of that! Mounts your discharge line to your exhaust system, routing the vapors into the exhaust stream where they can burn off and not be noxious to you anymore. Fitting is designed to be welded or bolted on..

Brand: Mishimoto Part Number: MMRC-11-FRD
Features:16 PSI / 1.1 Bar / 110 kPa Overflow Reservoir Cap Raises the Boiling Point to Provide a Safer & More Efficient Cooling System Installing a New Cap Can Prevent Overheating & System Failure Ergonomically Designed for Easy removal & Installation Fits Most Powerstroke Engines Mishimoto ..
$15.00 $15.00

Brand: Power Stroke Products Part Number: PP-STG16.0cam
Power Stroke Products Stage 1 Cam 176/196176I Duration 196E DurationLobe Separation 106lift .254 i / .255 eDrop in Cam Valve Depth needs to be checked, if head has been machined Increased fuel economy, airflow, and power Cam is New and does not require a corePower Stroke Products..
$599.00 $700.00

Brand: Rudy's Diesel Performance Part Number: RDPValve-Push
Rudy's Diesel Valvetrain Upgrades are designed for those looking to eliminate issues common when running higher boost applications or higher revving trucks. When you exceed 65 psi on either exhaust back pressure or boost the stock valvetrain becomes a weak link and you can experience valve float. Wh..

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 150-5802
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke ARP Main Studs. Kit Instructions ARP part number: 150-5802..
$364.85 $364.85

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: INT-7080203C91
These are an upgrade from the stock OEM pistons that are prone to cracking. The bowl and center have been opened up and smoothed out compared to the factory Ford 6.4 piston. These are NOT machined factory pistons. Price is for a set of 8. RCD Performance part number: INT-7080203C91..

Brand: Rudy's Diesel Performance Part Number: RDP64ULTPISTON
These are an upgrade from the stock OEM pistons that are prone to cracking. The bowl and center have been opened up and smoothed out compared to the factory Ford 6.4 piston. These are NOT machined factory pistons. Price is for a set of 8.Optional thermal coating for the top of the pistons or tops an..

Brand: Mean Green Part Number: MG6675
The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight stock starter. With a 4.4 to 1 gear reduction, roller bearing support, and an integrated solenoid, the Mean Green Starter can crank any engine no m..

Brand: Sinister Diesel Part Number: SD-BCK-6.4
Never worry about cracking your factory plastic 6.4 Oil/Fuel filter caps again!This kit is billet aluminum and includes:Oil cap comes with a 1/8th tap for external oil temperature sending unit. Fuel filter cap Filler capSinister part number: SD-BCK-6.4..
$215.00 $215.00

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0-6.4 SBA PAN
The 6.0L & 6.4L Powerstroke have suffered from continuous oil temperature problems.  We have designed these new custom fabricated aluminum oil pans to help wick the heat from your engine.  The factory units are made from dual layer laminated steel.  These work like blankets to hold the heat in your ..

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 150-2506
The 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke ARP crank flange adapter bolt kit from Pure Diesel Power increases durability and safety. Flexplate bolts play an important role in getting the power from your diesel engine to your transmission. That's why the fastener experts at ARP have developed special bolts ..
$55.67 $55.67

Brand: Mishimoto Part Number: MMCFK-F2D-08
Fits 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke F250/F350/F450/F550 & 08–10 Ford Excursion w/6.4L PowerstrokeDirect fit for the 2008–2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Filters solid particles from your trucks coolant Installs in under 45 minutes 6061 anodized aluminum filter mount Includes Wix coolant filter ..

Brand: Mishimoto Part Number: MMOFC-MUS1
Features:Direct For for 94-10 Ford Powerstroke Crafted From CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum High-Quality O-Ring Ensures a Tight Seal Available in Black or Red Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty  Add function and style to your engine bay with a Mishimoto Oil Filler Cap. Available in black and red, ..

Brand: Power Stroke Products Part Number: PP-6.4Lx
This is a factory replacement head with a higher nickel content than standard and pressed in valve seats to help withstand high pressures. You have an assortment of features to choose from to upgrade the quality and quantity of this component...

Brand: Mishimoto Part Number: MMB-F2D-002
Direct Fit Upper Support Bar to Reduce Flex Less Twisting in Radiator Support to Minimize Wear or Damage Coolant Hoses Constructed of Five Layers of Heat-Resistant Fibers and Silicone and Come Pre-Machined with CNC-Machined Couplers High-Temp and Low-Temp Thermostats Support Both Warm and Cold E..
$1,646.95 $1,845.95

Brand: Performance Engineering Part Number: PE-64-PIM
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke ported intake manifold.   Ported to allow maximum airflow. Please see picture to aid with install of 7 mounting bolts. BRAND NEW, OE, NO CORE..

Brand: Power Stroke Products Part Number: PP-HDPR6.4
Power Stoke Products HD 6.4 PushrodDeflection is caused by increased cylinder pressure, heavy spring pressure, high cam lift, or excessive rpm. Our heavy duty pushrods decrease deflection which keeps valve timing true. When deflection occurs valve timing is retarded and power will be lost.Power Stro..

Brand: Carrillo Part Number: F-PS64>-76929H-08SET
The PRO-H rod design is the stoutest beam configuration available. It is capable of handling the most abusive forces in an engine. So whether you're drag racing, sled pulling or just daily driving, these rods are perfect for your 6.4L Powerstroke engine.Sold As Set Of 8 Since 1963, Carrillo is reco..
$3,522.40 $3,522.40

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