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04.5-10 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced Stand Pipes

Backordered with No ETA   **Updated 12/23/2021**

NEW! Enhanced and Improved Standpipe and Dummy Plug Kit by Dieselsite.

Each day we get technical calls with customers dealing with high pressure oil issues.  The most common finger pointing is the HPOP.   This is the most common alibi after a new pump install.  In knowing the extensive testing we do with our pumps prior to shipping, we decided to dig deeper into the culprit of internal oil leaks.  We were confident the pumps were not the issue.

We suspected the stand pipes to be a potential issue, so we ordered a set of brand new Ford standpipes 6E7Z-9A332-B.  It was obvious that this part is out of production by Ford and they are now buying from the lowest bidder.  There are two areas of concern with the current Ford parts (We must say, that the older ones we have seen that have come out of trucks do not look like this and appear to be much better quality).

1. Machined oil ports are much thinner and vulnerable for breaking
2. O-ring grooves and O-ring fitment are very bad quality.

We searched the market place to see what was available as a replacements only to find import parts that were copies of the current Ford parts.  Still having oil ports and o-ring fitment issues.  So we decided to design our own and have them made to our specs.

Part number: STANDPIPE60

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