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KC Turbos-03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke KC Turbos DIY Turbo Upgrade Kit

03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke KC Turbos DIY Turbo Upgrade Kit
KC Turbos-03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke KC Turbos DIY Turbo Upgrade Kit
  • Part Number: 300xxx
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DIY KITS are meant for those who want to build their own turbo. It is not meant to be just a cheaper option.  If you don't feel confident in putting together your own turbo then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!  This will not come with instructions and we will not "walk you through" it. If you are buying this kit it is assumed that you have the knowledge and ability to build your own turbo (just like if you were buying an engine rebuild kit with oversized pistons)

Build your own Turbo with our upgraded cover, backing plate, and billet wheel. This will bolt right to ANY stock 6.0 turbo. Our GTX style billet wheel spool fast and make great top end power. This is a very economical upgrade for someone who wants to squeeze a little more power out of their turbo without having to buy or build a complete upgraded turbo. Just swap your stock parts with our billet wheel, cover, and backing plate. Will support up to 175cc injectors.

The 2005-2007 turbine wheel is slightly smaller than the 2004 and 2003 turbine wheel, this means that it spools faster but makes less power.  The problem is that the smaller turbine wheel is not big enough to support the bigger 64.7mm compressor wheel... that is why we don't recommend the 64.7mm compressor wheel on a 2005-2007 turbo. If you are after the 2003 whistle, then add one of our upgraded 10 blade turbine wheels to any 2004-2007 turbos (2003 turbos already come with a 10 blade turbine.

**Recommended that you add one of our rebuild kits if you want to rebuild your turbo at the same time**

**PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a complete turbo.  This is just a cover, backing plate, and upgraded billet wheel**

***Please note that there is no warranty on any DIY products***

Features & Details:

  • Fits any stock turbo
  • Build your own turbo
  • Faster spool
  • Fully Balanced
  • Brand new
  • 10 Blade turbine available

Part numbers: 300260, 300918, 300370, 300917, 300279, 300395, 300280, 300110, 300914, 300445, 300916, 300114, 300297, 300259, 300023, 300915, 300409, 300117, 300247

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