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99-13 Ford F250/F350 Powerstroke Driven Diesel Universal Fuel Pump Wiring Harness

We originally developed this wiring harness for use with the Fuelab fuel pump in our High Performance Fuel Delivery Kit. We have since modified the design to make it more "universal". It is configured specifically for use with the Ford Super Duty trucks, with the relay trigger being located where the harness passes by the stock fuel pump wiring (to maintain PCM control of whatever fuel pump is used). We have extended the overall length of the fuel pump end of the harness, and left it unterminated, so it can be used with fuel pumps located in the stock location or all the way back by the fuel tank (or anywhere in between). We include (2) shrink-tube style crimp terminals so that the harness can be properly terminated after it's cut to length.

The harness is built with heavy gauge automotive grade wire, a weatherproof relay and a replaceable battery terminal pigtail with a fusible link and weatherpack connector. It is suitable for use with the Fuelab line of high performance fuel pumps, as well as any of the Aeromotive A1000 fuel pumps. It will also easily handle any pump with lower current demands than these high performance pumps. This is the same harness we supply in our High Performance Fuel Delivery kits, and just like in that kit, you need to specify which size battery terminal type you need.  If you have the heavy lead style terminals, you need the large terminal harness.  If you have the formed sheetmetal battery terminals, you need the small terminal harness.  See the product pictures if you need some guidance.

Please Make Selections Above. (LRGBAT/BLT is for Large Battery Terminals + Battery Bolt Kit)

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