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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke DFuser Crossover Solid/Stainless Steel Line Kit

The best fuel system that we can design is our Stage II fuel system. That system is designed for none regulated fuel pumps. Many aftermarket fuel pumps are regulated. As such, the Stage II kit not needed.

We have created a Crossover Line kit to help equalize the fuel pressure between the two cylinders. This system is designed to balance out the heads. The 6.0 Power Stroke engines are designed to fire three cylinders on one side per revolution. So, there is great potential that the last injector in that firing order could see less fuel pressure and potentially starve.

By connecting the two cylinder heads together, we reduce this chance of the injectors running low on fuel pressure and/or fuel. This system spares nothing.

Once the fuel has been directed to the top of the intake manifold, we use a steel braided Teflon lined hose to connect the two sides.

This fuel line is designed to will outlast your engine and truck. The operating temperature of this line is -65° to +450° Fahrenheit. That means your fuel system will still be working even when you stop no matter where you are.

All hose ends are precision machined. These ends are designed to flow the maximum amount of fuel without sacrificing quality and risking cracking or breakage.

All fittings in this kit feature either o-ring seals or washers. No Teflon tape is needed during installation. All fittings are adjustable allowing the fuel line to naturally run without binding or putting pressure on the fitting, which could cause failure.

Part number: DFR-1001091

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