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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Dorman Fuel Injection Control Module Repair Kit (4 PIN FICM's Only)

The FICM on certain Ford and Navistar vehicles is mounted in a location where it's exposed to constant heat and vibration, often causing the internal inverter board to stop working properly. When that happens, the only replacement available from the OEM is a complete module assembly, with a housing, controller board and power board, that needs to re-initialized to the vehicle using proprietary programming tools. This Dorman OE FIX fuel injector control module repair directly replaces only the inverter board to reduce the overall repair cost as well as avoid having to program the module, allowing for a DIY repair. This improved component also features an additional securing compound that helps control vibrations and make it less likely to fail the same way again.

  • Direct replacement - this FICM inverter board replaces the original board on certain Ford and Navistar vehicles to restore operation when the original unit fails from excessive heat and vibration
  • Cost-saving solution - when FICMs fail, it's often only the power board, not the controller board and housing that make up the entire module; save money by just replacing broken board
  • No programming required - if you replace the entire module, you need to reinitialize it using professional tools, but not if you replace only the inverter board with this repair kit
  • Improved design - since the factory board fails from excessive heat and vibration, this unit features additional securing compound to help prevent it from failing the same way again in the future

Dorman: 904-229

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