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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Bullet Proof Diesel Fan Clutch Wire Harness Saver

The BulletProof Fan Clutch Harness Wire Saver is a true must-have for the Ford 6.0L. The problem occurs when the wires from the fan clutch flex and get cut/damaged by the cooling fan blades. The wires normally are safe from damage until the plastic clips on the wire harness connectors fail and break, allowing the wires to flex. This innovative product from BulletProof Diesel saves the wires and keeps them from flexing into the fan blade.

The way to think about this: a new fan clutch is going to cost well over $400 from Ford. A failed fan clutch is also going to lead to overheating problems with your 6.0L. Save yourself the grief and pain with an inexpensive wire harness saver!

Reasons to purchase the Fan Clutch Wire Harness Saver:

·  Secures in place in a minute or less

·  Protects your fan clutch wires from being destroyed by the cooling fan blades

·  Saves the expense of a new fan clutch - easily $400 or more

Bullet Proof Diesel: 6502051

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