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03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Holders 190CC Premium Injectors

6.0L Powerstroke Holders Stage 3 190CC Premium Injectors




These are our hot street injector.  They displace 190cc of fuel and we usually would pair these with 30%-75% nozzles.  The smaller nozzle will help with your towing ability and keeping your EGT’s down while the larger nozzle would be better for top end power.  With the 30% nozzles and the correct supporting modifications these can also be used for towing fairly easily.

You will need fuel system upgrades for this injector.  Either a lift pump or a regulated return along with a fuel pump upgrade.  However, we always recommend you check fuel pressure under load after installation.  You want a very minimum of 45psi of fuel pressure at any time.

This is for a set of (8).  Holders Premium Reman injectors are at the top of the line when it comes to quality.  With all new parts in them they are sure to last for a long time to come.  These have all the new parts our Basic Remans do but also include new spool valves, solenoid assembly with connectors, fuel plungers, and intensifier pistons.  All injector body’s are precision honed and new parts fitted to each individual injector body.  These injector’s are as close to new as you can get while still being a reman, they have 100% new parts and the only thing reused are the body’s themselves which are also refinished.  This is an exchange service.  You can send your cores in first to avoid the up front core charge. 

Customer is responsible for core return shipping. 

These include a 3 year/100k mile warranty.

Part numbers: 

60-190-STKP Stock Nozzles
60-190-30%P 30% Over Nozzles
60-190-75%P 75% Over Nozzles