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11-15 Ford 6.7L Turbo Diesel S&B Cleanable Cold Air Intake System

11-15 Ford 6.7L Turbo Diesel S&B Cold Air Intake System


Product discontinued


Fits 2011-2016 Ford F250/F350/F450 Turbo Diesel equipped trucks.


Resistance to Flow Testing:
Flows 34.0% better than the stock intake when measuring just the resistance to airflow.
Resistance to Flow while Dust Loading:
Flows 14.6% better than the stock intake while loading the filter with ISO specified dust.
Efficiency Rating:
99.57% (Cotton Filter) Efficient @ 580 CFM (ISO Course Dust)


S&B sets the bar high with its new Intake for the 2011 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L

A Significant Improvement in Airflow
S&B's Intake for the 6.7L was definitely worth the wait given that it improves the airflow by 34% versus the stock system and beats Banks' kit (#42215) by 19% at 580 CFM. 

AFE's kit (75-11872) was able to match S&B's kit in airflow simply because their filter is only protected by a metal heat shield. A heat shield can be less restrictive than a custom air box; however, in our opinion it does not seal properly allowing the engine to ingest hot air. When AFE launches their intake with a custom box, we anticipate that our kit will far surpass theirs in performance. Check back for ISO 5011 Test Results. 

Amazing Protection.
S&B tests to the ISO 5011 Test Standard to insure that your engine is properly protected, and we post these results on the web. Click on the Specifications Tab to download the actual test results and see how S&B stacks up against stock and the competition.

Almost Installs Itself.
S&B used its laster CMM to help develop a kit that fits like a glove and installs in less than 30 minutes. 

Larger Free Flowing Filter with Deep Pleats. 
The deeper the pleats, the more surface area on your filter which allow it to protect your engine while letting it breathe.

Domed Clear Lid.
Easy inspection and removal of filter.

Radius on Filter Inlet.
Air smoothly enters the intake tube reducing restriction and turbulence. 

Integrates OEM Filter Minder.
Securely plugs into S&B custom air box.

Engineered Mass Air Sensor Location.
Designed to avoid a check engine light by mapping against the stock system.

Hump Hose Adapter.
A flexible byt secure connection that accommodates engine movement.

Reinforced (4-ply) Silicone Adapter.
Safely and securely connects tube to turbo inlet.

Integrates OEM Cold Air Ducting.
Pulls air from the same location as the stock system allowing for use of the OE ducting for an excellent seal.

Huge Free Flowing Air Box.
Protects filter from engine heat without choking off filter.

S&B: 75-505

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