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11-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Dieselsite Fuel Filter & Water Separator

11-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Dieselsite Fuel Filter & Water Separator

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System comes with 2 spare filters. This unit does NOT fit the 2017+ Powerstrokes.

The Ford 6.7L engine was outfitted with a completely new type of common rail system from the lift pump, hp fuel pump, injectors and fuel filters. What we have discovered (and so have many other at their expense) is that the fuel system components are very sensitive to water and debris, much more so than previous fuel system designs.
The Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel available to us has always had a propensity to absorb water. While it has always been a good idea for the longevity of diesel injection parts to remove water in the fuel system, negligence can lead to catastrophic failure. The OEM filter simply doesn't remove water or particles in a sufficient enough quantity to completely protect the system.  The other thing we have discovered is once the "water in fuel" light (WIF) comes on, there is already water passing and damage has already occurred. The way the Ford warranty system works is if there is ANY sign of surface rust on the flow control valve, the system is no longer under warranty. There is no further inspection that will be done, and the dealers are told to not spend anymore time on the truck, except to give the customer an estimate for a complete fuel system replacement. This is a cost of 12,000- 18,000, depending on whether you brought it to them when you could still drive it, or the fuel pump went south and damaged even more components. This occurred on the owner's (Bob Riley) personal truck with 23k miles on the odometer. There will be some pictures of the "damage" and these were all first hand on the truck here.
The Factory fuel lines are connected with "quick connect" style fittings. None of these components or ends or sections of the fuel line are sold separately. You must buy the entire frame rail if you needed one piece. This prompted us to make quick connects so we could install the system without cutting or modifying the factory rail at all.
The bracket is pre-drilled to line up with existing nuts and bolts on the frame. If you have a stock fuel tank, the install will take you less than 15 minutes.
 If you have a Titan or any other larger aftermarket tank, you'll have to lower the tank a bit to gain access. We have done this install and if you simply remove the straps and lower the front of the tank closer to the ground, you'll gain plenty of access without actually  having to disconnect any of the tank connections.

There is a separator cone in the bowl of the filter that removes water and all large particles.  Then the fuel travels into the upper section through a 2 micron particle separator. At this point, you have very clean, water free fuel traveling through your system.  With a quick peek under the truck you can view the bowl for water and dirt.  The water is removed by opening the petcock. As always we use the Dahl brand.  Dahl perfected this concept and it is still the best.  Although we have always used Dahl in our fuel systems, we purchased and tested different brands before making the final decision to stick with this filter.

Part number: DSFF67.

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