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11-14 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 4wd BD Transmission and Converter Package

The BD-Power 1064504SS Transmission & Converter Package is the ultimate all-around transmission package for your 2011-2014 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 4WD. This transmission package includes a beefed-up transmission with an increased clutch count, high-performance dual surface clutch converter, pressure controller and a deep pan. This package is dyno tested to ensure all items work flawlessly together and are a matched set for increased reliability. 


The BD-Power 1064504SS Transmission & Converter Package features custom pressure plates that allow for an increased clutch count without sacrificing part strength. With more clutches than stock as well as aftermarket competitors, this transmission is engineered to handle more torque and horsepower. A brand-new valve body has been installed to ensure there is no contamination and to improved transmission life. 


The torque converter in this BD-Power 1064504SS Transmission & Converter Package is a dual surface clutch assembly that can greater loads. This converter features furnace brazed turbine fins & pump, and a machined reaction ring to replace the flexible stock stamped unit. These parts combine to make an ideal replacement for the worn-out factory converter and make it the optimal choice for towing or street use.  


A key component in the BD-Power 1064504SS Transmission & Converter Package is the BD-Power 1031320 6R140 Pressure Controller. This controller offers up to 300 PSI of line pressure to deliver up to 76% more theoretical holding power. Only activated when boost reaches over 15 PSI, this unit is not active fulltime unlike solenoid foolers or plugs. This controller does not create parasitic load when not in use so it will not create any extra heat when disengaged.  



Dual Clutch Converter 

Deep Transmission Pan 

BD-Power Pressure Controller 

3 Year/ 150,000 Mile Warranty 


Early 2011 model years will require 6 bolt flexplate (Approx. Pre Jan 2012 build date) See BD #1041245 Below

Ford scanner required to update the TCM with the new solenoid code and initiate a relearn - very critical component to make sure the transmission works properly. 





Brand New Valve Body 

More Clutches Compared To Stock & Competition 

Clutch Count: FORWARD 6 (20% Increase Over Stock) 

Clutch Count: DIRECT 6 (20% Increase Over Stock) 

Clutch Count: INTERMEDIATE 8 (60% Increase Over Stock) 

Clutch Count: OVERDRIVE 8 (14% Increase Over Stock) 

Clutch Count: LOW REVERSE 5 

Custom BD-Power Pressure Plates Increase Clutch Count Without Sacrificing Part Strength 



Dual Surface Clutch Assembly 

Furnace-Brazed Pump & Turbine Fins 

Great For Street & Towing Applications 

Fully Remanufactured For Long Service Life 

Ideal Replacement For Tired Stock Torque Converter 

Machined Steel Reaction Ring Replaces Flexible Factory Stamping 



76% More Theoretical Holding Power 

Delivers Up To 300PSI Line Pressure At WOT 

Does Not Create Parasitic Load Or Extra Heat When Inactive 

Only Active When Boost Over 15PSI, Unlike Solenoid Foolers Or Plugs Which Are Active All The Time


Part Number: 1064504SS


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