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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke BD Crank Case Vent Filter Kit

03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke BD Crank Case Vent Filter Kit

From BD Power BD Power

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BD's Crank Case Vent Filter Kit for Ford 6.0L Power Stroke applications reduces crankcase oil vapor that passes through the crankcase vent and contaminates the intake system. Oil Vapor residue reduces turbocharger and intercooler efficiency, and also deteriorates the silicone boots—causing them to balloon and blow off. BD’s Crank Case Vent Filter Kit prevents all of these issues, and includes everything you need for a professional installation, including all hardware and clamps. Installation time takes just two hours.

BD:  1032175

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I purchased this about a month ago. I must say everything in this kits looks great at first glance. I proceeded to install the kit which the directions says takes about two hours which would be just about spot on in the hoses they supply the kit with didnt have cheap heat shrink type reducers to adapt the 3/4'' hose to a 1'' fitting. The problem you end up having is they tell you make sure there are no kinks but with having a 90 degree angle on the one end it kinks no mattter how you align these hoses. Then i realized they arent even using the badly designed hoses in thier install pics. They are using 1'' hose which can be purchased at a local auto store. I went and purchased the 1'' inner diameter hose and it works fine without any kinks. Only complaint I have is that 1" hose is tough to fit under the radiator upper hose which brings me to another complaint i have about the supplied hoses the end that goes into the breather port on the engine hits the engine block hoist points so i didnt like my rubber hose laying on a harnered piece of steel so it eventually rubs through. All in all i am not satisfied with this kit. I paid almost $400 dollars for a nifty filter when i could of just bought a 1'' plug and capped off the end on the intake tube and purchased 1'' hose in about a 8ft length for 10 dollars and had the same kit without the extra junk under the hood. Very disappointing i thought pure diesel would carry only qaulity parts as i have purchased from them multiple times.

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