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Brand: Kleinn Horns Part Number: HK8
The flat rack design and detachable chrome trumpets (17.5", 15.5", 11.5") allow for numerous great installation options. The kit include a BlastMaster valve upgrade kit that pushes the sound so an insane 157 dB! The kit includes a 150 psi, 100% duty compressor and a 3 gallon tank that can power your...

Brand: Kleinn Horns Part Number: 730
The Demon™ Model 730 features flat rack detachable design, spun steel trumpets (18.25”, 14.75”, 10.5”) & extreme flow, heavy duty brass solenoid valve. This is the loudest, largest and most aggressive train horn on the market, bar none. XCR 2.0™-coated black coating...

Brand: HornBlasters Part Number: HK-B2-228H
The PsychoBlasters horns have never sounded better. These powerful horns deliver a full-blown sound and amazing loooks. They are made of solid brass and the quality is just ridiculous. These dual trumpet horns are perfectly complimented by the included 2.0 gallon air source kit. The air tank provi...

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