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Brand: Fox Part Number: 985-02-129
With conventional steering stabilizers, turning in one direction creates an increase in pressure inside the stabilizer as the shaft occupies more volume in the body and displaces the oil. The repercussion is a push or pull steering force felt by the driver as the stabilizer attempts to return to its...

Brand: Fox Part Number: 985-24-170
The Performance Series 2.0 IFP steering stabilizer helps take the load off your steering components and keep your tires tracking straight and true. Oversized off-road tires have a tendency to seek out traction in any direction. The large knobs and open tread pattern can cause your front end to w...

Brand: Fox Part Number: 985-02-135
Replace your factory steering stabilizer with this upgraded product from FoxFeatures:Improved handlingQuality ConstructionProvides great controlFox: 985-02-135...

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