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Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0432131837-IIS
1st Gen Cummins 50hp new Bosch OEM injector for 1989-93 6BT engines (also run great on 4BT engines running a VE rotary fuel injection pump). These injectors have the perfect amount of fuel for daily driving, towing and fuel mileage, enough fuel for 50 RWHP. These injectors come with a 7mm nozzle and...

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0432193635-R1
These new Factory OEM injectors fit all Cummins 24 valve engine 1998.5-2002. They have been extrude honed to develop 85 extra hp. They are balanced to exact flow values which makes your engine run very smooth. Pop-off pressure set to 300BAR.We use a state of the art Extrude Hone machine th...

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