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Brand: Power Driven Diesel Part Number: 10000000031
Upgrade your truck with the Power Driven Diesel Aggressor 62/65 Turbocharger (Model: 17309090001) and experience up to 550 hp and 1100ftlb of torque. This 62mm drop-in turbocharger spools quick enough to be a good fit for a well-rounded grocery-getter or tow truck while still providing a substantial...

Brand: Power Driven Diesel Part Number: 173090900xx
This Aggressor HX35 60/64 turbo is a modified HX35 turbo with a Billet 60mm HE351 compressor wheel VS the 56MM stock hx35 wheel. The turbine wheel on this turbo is a 76X64 10 blade turbine wheel. This combination gives excellent EGT control and a bump in power. Spool-up is still great and towin...

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