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Brand: Titan Fuel Tanks Part Number: 7030210
56 Gallon*, extra heavy duty, cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. New for 2012. Tank comes complete with powder-coated or plated steel mounting strap support set, extruded rubber mounting bushings, rollover safety vent valve, shims and needed accessories.For DODGE 2500 & 3500 Crew Cab trucks wi...

Brand: Titan Fuel Tanks Part Number: 7010217
 56 Gallon*, extra capacity, extra heavy duty, midship replacement fuel tank for 2017-2019 GM 2500HD and 3500HD pickups with Crew Cabs, 6 ½ ft. beds, and Duramax diesel engines.Tank comes complete with black, baked epoxy-coated, galvanized steel mounting straps. Tapered tank features exclusive...

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