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01-04 GM LB7 6.6L Duramax Merchant High Idle Kit


  • May not work if you have a tune installed in the truck
  • Will not work with the medium duty trucks as there is a built in High Idle already

Full manual control of the elevated idle on your Duramax truck is possible with our High Idle Kit.

Operation is simple using only your cruise switch, no extra switches to mount or hide in your truck and features fool proof operation.

Get faster warm ups, increased output from your charging system and reduced wear on your engine during situations that require idling for extended periods of time.

Kit Includes

  • Wire with ECM pin
  • Wire loom
  • Scotch lock
  • Grommet
  • Zip ties
  • Instructions


    Will this affect the factory cruise control function?

    All of the functions will work as they did before while driving. In this case, the cruise buttons are only used to control the function of the high idle while in Park or Neutral.

    I just installed this and it is not working, what now?

    The most common issue is the connection of the high idle wire to the brake switch. It may help to strip the insulation on the high idle wire and a portion of the insulation on the green/white wire at the brake switch. Then the wire can be twisted together and taped up or even better, a drop of solder then covered with tape.

    If you are sure you have a good clean connection, then we need to check the green/white wire for power. We should see 12 volts when in Park or Neutral and the brake pedal is released. 

    If you do not have power on that circuit, check the 10amp BTSI fuse in the under-hood fuse block. 

    If you find the fuse to be in good shape, use a test light or meter to ensure you have power at both sides of the fuse. 

    If you have no power to the fuse, then check the reverse lights. With the key on and engine off, put the gear selector in reverse and see if the lights are on. If not, lets take a close look at the 20amp B/U LP fuse in the under-hood fuse block and replace if needed.

    Will this work if I have a ZF6 manual transmission?

    Yes. The install will be exactly the same for the ECM pin installation. We are using the Shift Interlock feature to supply power to activate the high idle. The shift interlock is the safety feature that requires you to step on the brake to remove the gear shift from Park. The manual transmission does not have this feature of course. It is recommended to install a switch from an ignition hot circuit to the end of the wire that would normally attach to the brake switch. The switch must be turned on to activate the high idle with the cruise buttons. It is very important that the switch is shut off while driving or the RPM will be limited. You could also use the switch as a valet mode if you wish. The limited RPM will not hurt anything, but will very frustrating to drive the truck.

    Part number: 10457

    Lame California Prop 65 Notice