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06-07 GM 6.6L LBZ Duramax Banks Six-Gun Tuner

Tuning that doesn’t kill the host vehicle.
Many tuners reduce fuel delivery as exhaust gas temps rise. But they ignore the powertrain! Banks finds the limits of the engine and powertrain, then adds mission-critical ActiveSafety safeguards to Six-Gun so it won’t exceed those limits. As a result, Six-Gun thrashes challengers, not your truck! Airflow upgrades recommended.

Proof of a higher power.
Calibrated for sport applications, Six-Gun is a performance junkie that adds +100 hp/+195 lb-ft. With its CleanTune Technology and change-on-the-fly power, Six-Gun with Speed-Loader rockets you from 0-60 mph 33% quicker and in 36% less distance than stock ... without adding soot!

All gains measured at the rear wheels, with recommended airflow improvements.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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