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04.5-2010 Chevy 6.6L Duramax Crankcase Breather Set

Billet aluminum valve cover breathers intended for race applications. Re-route breather hose from turbo intake to catch can along side bottom of engine. Eliminates engine oil from contaminating turbo, intercooler and intake system. Increase flow capacity to eliminate engine seal damage by reducing internal engine pressure. Wall thickness is 0.100”, 0.625 (5/8”) OD, 0.450”ID.

Eliminate the danger of engine runaway at the race track (engine oil pulled through the turbo casing engine to run away at un-controlled at full power). Also eliminates engine oil from contaminating your turbo, intercooler and intake system while decreasing the chance of seal damage by reducing internal engine pressures with these cool billet Crankcase Breathers.

Machined from billet aluminum and intended for racing applications, these breathers route the breather hose from the turbo intake to a catch-can along the side/bottom of the engine, all the while actually increasing flow capacity. There are two billet aluminum breather in this set. Meets NHRA racing safety requirements.


  • Eliminate The Danger Of Engine Runaway
  • Prevent Oil From Contaminating Your Intake System
  • Reduce Internal Engine Pressures
  • Sold As Set Of (2)

Note: Tube shown in additional image is not included.

Duramax 6.6L GM 2004.5-2010

PPE: 114020000


Special Note- tube shown in image is not included.

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