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06-10 Chevy 6.6L Duramax Diesel ARP Main Studs

This is a must for High HP applications, these specialty bolt will keep the main caps from walking at High Horse Power and High RPM's.

Includes Main Studs as well as the Side Bolts and ARP Moly Lube.

Torque Specs are 200 FT/LBS on the Mains with ARP Moly Lube, and 86 FT/LBS on the Side Bolts with ARP Moly Lube

When you are setting up a Duramax engine for drag racing and sled pulling, ARP main and head studs are a must have item! Keep your mains from walking and fretting by clamping down on them with a ARP Stud set that will insure your investment!

ARP offers a main stud kit for LB7/LLY applications as well as LBZ applications.  The difference is only the overall length of the stud.  The LBZ studs are approx 5 mm longer.  The reason for that is the holes are tapped deeper in a LBZ block.  We stock the LBZ studs and regularly use them in all model year engines.  In early engines, the studs will stick up a bit further but presents absolutely no problem at all.  This also allows for the block to be tapped deeper if the assembler chooses to do so.

ARP: 230-5402

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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