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01-04 LB7 Duramax Industrial Single PhatShaft 64 Turbo Kit

LB7 Duramax Single PhatShaft 64 Turbo Kit (2001-2004)

The LB7 GM Duramax Single PhatShaft Turbo Kit is specifically designed to dramatically increase performance and reliabilty to your 2001-2004 Duramax. The PhatShaft turbo kit utilizes one of our legendary Silver Series Turbos and is offered in 3 different sizes depending on your goals and uses for the vehicle. The Silver 64 is great for the daily driver / tow vehicle, The Silver 66 works well for a street performance truck who tows light loads, and the Silver 69 is designed for the ultimate street performance truck and weekend warrior! Just like all of our Silver Series Turbos they come standard with a 14 cm exhaust housing in which we modify the angle of the exhaust nozzle, maximize the wastegate ports, and enlarge the wastegate chamber for full wastegate travel, dual grooved high performance bearings and an adjustable boost elbow.


  • Increase Performance
  • Lower EGTs
  • Increased Reliability
  • (FMW) Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Complete Kit
  • Mild To Agressive Fueling Upgrades Recommended

Industrial Injection part number: 422404



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