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04.5-10 LLY/LBZ/LMM 6.6L Duramax Stealth Series 64mm Turbo

The VVT Stealth 64 Turbo takes a stock appearing LBZ/LLY/LMM turbocharger and overhauls it to meet the demands of the Duramaxtuner team.  

The stock LBZ/LLY/LMM  turbocharger runs out of air at about 530rwhp.  It has trouble controlling EGTs on extended pulls past 400HP.  The Stealth 64 VVT extends the useful power curve of the engine out another 120HP to 650rwhp.  Furthermore, the Stealth 64 VVT is much better at controlling exhaust gas temperatures under sustained load when towing up long grades at high power.  This is accomplished through the use of a specially designed billet compressor wheel which is matched to a higher flowing turbine assembly.  This match represents the best balance between quick spool-up response for driveability and overall compressor flow for peak power for truck owners looking to make 650rwhp. 

The VVT Stealth 64 Turbo is an easy-to-install upgrade that spools up quickly, controls EGT's under heavy load, allows to turbine braking during towing scenarios, and kicks ass when leaned on. Your stock fuel LLY, LBZ, or LMM should make 600 RWHP with this turbo and the proper tuning. 

Features & Benefits

  • 650+ RWHP Peak
  • Billet Compressor
  • 360-degree Thrust Bearing
  • Quick Spool-Up
  • Direct Bolt-On
  • Great Daily Driving/Towing

Calibrated Power Part Number: DM16B1070202000

Superseded Part Number: 201001700

Lame California Prop 65 Notice