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04.5-05 GM LLY Duramax PPE Turbo Inlet Upgrade Kit

The PPE 115010000 Turbo Inlet Upgrade Kit is used to replace and upgrade the restrictive factory turbo inlet duct. The purpose is to create a free flowing path for the intake air that feeds the turbocharger. When installed, the intake air can free flow into the turbo charger. The result is cooler air in the intake system. Cooler intake air allows the engine and cooling system to operate at a lower temperature.

The undersized factory turbo inlet creates a pressure drop in the intake air supply that feeds the turbo. When the intake air at this low pressure is compressed by the turbo the intake air becomes super heated. The intake air enters the intercooler which absorbs some of the heat and then passes this heat to the Radiator that is positioned directly behind the intercooler. The cooling efficiency of the Radiator is reduced by the hotter than necessary airflow passing from the intercooler and through to the radiator. Since the intake air is as hot as it is the combustion temperature is higher than necessary. The Turbo Inlet Upgrade Kit corrects these issues and creates lower operating temperatures for better efficiency.


  • Increased Airflow 
  • Lower Temperatures 
  • Better Engine Efficiency

Kit Includes:

  • Intake Duct
  • Silicone Hose
  • T-Bolt Clamps

Part Number: 115010000

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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