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DIPACO Diesel Parts/Dtech


DIPACO/Dtech fuel pumps and injectors make it easy to repair and upgrade your fuel injection systems.  Dtech components are compatible with Dodge, Ford and Chevy fuel injection systems and they supply a wide variety of parts to improve or restore any part of the system. 

If your fuel injection system has worn down, become rusted, suffered particle build-up or is not operating like it used to, replacement of select components can restore air flow and give you greater power and fuel efficiency.  Damaged fuel injectors can have a severe impact on your truck’s operation, making it less responsive, limiting torque, and decreasing fuel efficiency.  Dtech offers injectors, CP3 pumps, high pressure oil pumps, glow plugs, FICMs, turbos and more that you can use to install or repair your fuel injector.  Dtech also provides remanufacturing on select parts to restore the capabilities of the system and update it with enhancements or additions made by the manufacturer.  

Learn more about each part, and Dtech’s remanufacturing for injection pumps, turbos, fuel pumps and more.  Order online or contact Pure Diesel Power for more information.