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2013-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins S&B Cold Air Intake System

Looking for an air intake for your 2013-2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins diesel? Look not further. This cold air intake by S&B is the best looking, best performing, best bang for the buck air intake system we offer. We believe this to be the best value and best performing intake for your 2013-2015 Dodge 6.7L Cummins diesel truck.

S&B High flow air intake systems allow your truck to breathe, giving your diesel:

  • Quicker throttle response
  • More mid range and upper RPM horsepower
  • Better fuel economy
  • More turbo whistle
  • Lower exhaust temperatures 
Filter TypeCotton Filter (Choose above)
Airflow RatingImproves Airflow versus Stock by: 29.3% thru side inlet, 43.8% thru front (ram-air) inlet & 54.6% with both inlets open on S&B intake
Efficiency Rating99.55% Efficient @ 580 CFM (ISO Coarse Dust)


Filter TypeDry Filter (Choose above)
Airflow RatingImproves Airflow versus Stock by: 29.9% thru side inlet, 42.1% thru front (ram-air) inlet & 51.7% with both inlets open on S&B intake
Efficiency Rating99.49% Efficient @ 580 CFM (ISO Coarse Dust) 

S&B Part number: 75-5068 & 75-5068D

We took something good and made it even better.

Uses the same motor that drives 
Ram Active AirTM to activate its swing gate, giving you all the benefits of the stock system, plus much more. Draws air from the wheel well inlet under normal driving conditions or inclement weather conditions (ice, snow, rain) to protect against the elements.

Front inlet sealed to protect from elements

In extreme heat, high loads, or high altitudes the swing gate pivots when your truck accelerates to full throttle, opening the ram-air duct mounted behind the front grille and exposing cooler and less restrictive air to your engine.

Patent pending

Ram Active AirTM is a registered trademark of the Chrysler Group LLC.


Cool, ram-air engulfed by scoop behind grille

Monitor your ram air.

Our active monitoring light alerts you when the ram-air gate is open.

Testing shows that the ram-air inlet opens when outside temperatures are greater than 91°F and the truck is at full throttle. The ram-air inlet stays open for approximately 3-5 miles or until the truck slows to close to 5 mph. This process repeats itself. Ram-air activity varies with your driving conditions.

Want more air ? Use both inlets.

Unlike stock which uses only one inlet at a time, our kit gives you the option of massive dual inlet airflow. Simply remove the dam from the gate arm and re-attach when desired or to protect against inclement weather.

Note: The gate arm remains active even with the dam removed. This will prevent you from getting an Active Air Box code when both inlets are open.Dam MUST be used in harsh weather conditions including but not limited to rain, sleet, or snow as engine damage can occur. S&B is not responsible for engine damage due to failure to use the dam as instructed.

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