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VP44 To P7100 Injection Pump Conversion kit for 98.5-2002 Dodge Cummins

VP44 To P7100 Injection Pump Conversion kit for 98.5-2002 Dodge Cummins




Complete kit to install P7100 Bosch pump on a Cummins 24 valve engine.
We include Gear housing Gear Housing Gasket, Front Cover Oil Seal, Timing Plug, Pump Bracket, Pump Brace, Pump Drive Gear, Throttle Kit, Cam Sensor Adapter (if applicable), Stainless Steel Fuel Lines and Hardware Kit. Not all parts shown.

The fuel shutoff solenoid is NOT included in this kit. You can purchase one and wire it up to work though.

This "kit" involves very in depth mechanic work. We highly suggest having another truck close by that already has a P-pump on it to compare your project with. This kit can be installed in a weekend but BE SURE you have another vehicle to drive come Monday morning in case you run into problems!

P7100 pump not included!

FAQ about P-Pump Conversions:

Will my service engine light be on if I convert to a P-pump?
Yes, it will always be on. Black tape over it or simply removing the bulb works well.

Will my cruise control still work?
Yes, if hooked up correctly, your cruise control will work fine.

Will my transmission shift correctly?

Yes, your transmission will shift correctly.

Please allow 3-4 business days before this kit ships.

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