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89-02 H1C/HX35 Dodge Cummins 14CM Non Gated Housing

89-02 H1C/HX35 Dodge Cummins 14CM Non Gated Housing
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For H1, HX model Holset turbos
This is a simple and inexpensive upgrade that provides a lot of performance for your dollar. By replacing the 12cm2 on your truck, you should realize reduced backpressure, lower exhaust temperatures and increase horsepower potential. This is a simple bolt-on change. No modifications are required.
You can use this housing on your stock 1988-1993 truck also. On these applications it will increase horsepower and boost BUT you must move the downpipe rearward just over an inch.
*When installing this housing on 99 and newer HX35W trucks, you should purchase the angled exhaust outlet adapter supplied by Cummins in order to ease installation.*
This housing WON'T fit 2000 and newer automatic transmission trucks because they use a Holset HY35 turbo instead of the HX35.
Specify the application you want to use this housing on and ask us about mounting flange and oil drain gaskets.

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