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94-07 Dodge Cummins Crazy Carls Twin Turbo Kit

94-07 Dodge Cummins Crazy Carls Twin Turbo Kit
94-07 Dodge Cummins Crazy Carls Twin Turbo Kit

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  • Part Number: CC-Twin-Turbo-Kit
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships In 7-14 Business Days

Note- Please read full description before purchasing!

This item normally ships out in 7-14 business days EVEN if you choose expedited shipping.

"Just the Piping Kit" - Our Compound Turbo Piping Kit for Dodge Cummins 94-07. Supply your own turbos (Stock or S300 T3 gated over T6 S400 Borg Warner) or buy turbo(s) separately.

Quality 100% TIG welded construction, 409 SS and heavy gauge steel pipes.
This kit does NOT make you move your batteries, or your air filter, or your heat exchanger.

Kit includes:
Heavy duty hot pipe (regular hot pipe coated in high heat ceramic paint, upgraded 304 SS available)
1-piece metal cold pipe,
Intercooler pipe,
Full 5" intake pipe,
4" or 5"* down pipe,
Stainless top and bottom turbo oil feed lines,
Stainless steel top and bottom turbo oil drain lines,
Pan drain fitting and hose (12V only),
Bottom turbo support bracket,
Top turbo spacer plate,
Quality name-brand large high flow filter,
SS Vband clamps,
SS T-bar clamps,
Quality powder-coating now included in cost of kit - choose from more than a dozen colors at no additional charge.
Comes with gaskets, hardware and basic instructions.


1 EXHAUST MANIFOLD: ALL 24V kits (98.5-07 5.9s) need to use either a 3pc, or 1pc 98-02 24v stock geometry T3 type manifold (not included). Kits won't work with tubular headers. 94-98 12V manifolds need to be aftermarket 12V T3 manifolds. If you need to purchase one, we offer a large selection at fair prices hereSteed Speed Manifolds will not work with stock HX35 turbos, but WILL work with HE351 AND other turbo kits we offer.

2 Select from a powdercoat color or choose bare metal if you wish to coat your own color.

3 Can be optioned with thicker 304 Stainless Steel HD hot pipe.

4 Some kits using the hx35, and all using the he351 type turbos will include a spring gate controller.

5 As you'd expect, 5 inch downpipes are a tight fit, due to variations in trucks you may need need to modify your firewall slightly.
6 If you have a custom application or questions, please feel free to email or call us.
7 S300s on 12V and 24V must be machined to accept factory elbow. S300s on CRs must use forward facing compressor.
8 Kit is not designed for use with SXE S400s.
9 May not fit with Smeding S400s that have a larger than standard compressor housing. If in doubt, send a photo/measurement.

***These kits are custom made to order and may take 1 to 3 weeks to ship from time of payment.*****

FYI- please be aware that off-gen combinations may require different accessories. For example, if you use a 2nd gen S300 on a 3rd gen truck, you will need to swap to a 3rd gen actuator and use a 3rd gen elbow.

We do not currently offer S400/S400 kits (will in future), S500/S500 kits, or any T4 compound kits.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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