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94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Source Automotive Twin Turbo Kit

Through extensive research & development and a multitude of program changes, Source Automotive has designed their 2nd gen twin turbo kit to allow the use of several different top turbos. Included are the early style HX 35 & common 35 hybrid derivatives, HX 40 & the Schwitzer 300 series. They've grown partial to the HT Turbo line of 300's.

If you are using the S300, it must have the exhaust housing machined to an HX 40 style outlet to work with our hotpipe. This allows you the end user to start off with an entry level twin kit, with as moderate of a price as we are capable of, utilizing in many cases your stock or existing turbo. Stepping up is now easy if you choose to upgrade from your existing top turbo to a larger unit, that will allow you to burn & keep cool more fuel.

The only difference in their kit when you change the top turbo is the hot pipe & the hardware kit to bolt the top turbo to the manifold. Unlike many other systems in the aftermarket that don't allow you this option. This system works with the stock exhaust manifold, the HTT manifold or the ATS manifold. This kit will NOT work with the '01-'02 automatic HY-9. Late '99 '02 HX 35 owners will be required to change your exhaust housing to the earlier style with the divorced waste gate actuator, to allow re-clocking of the compressor housing.

Source Automotive has chosen to use a factory modified Schwitzer 400 for the bottom turbo in their kits. This turbo is commonly referred to as a B2. Based on our testing & experience we determined it to be the best fit for our application.

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